The Schibeci Video Wall...
ST1000 - Stabilizing Attachment
Stabilizing Road Pavement to 220mm deep Removing failed patches of asphalt
Polyplaner 450 & 600 - Line Removal
High Production Tactile Line Removal Truck Mounted Polyplaner General Line Removal with Polyplaner Attachments
Noise Reduction on Road Pavements with the Polyplaner 600    
Power Profiler 2500
Milling 25mm off damaged surface to repair concrete floor High production tile removal in a shopping mall
Power Profiler 2500R
Tile Removal at Sydney International Airport Recessing Asphalt in Preparation of Tactile Inlay Tile Removal in a Shopping Mall
Polyplaner 300
Trip Hazard Removal Line Removal Trip Hazard Removal
Planetary 9800
Sanding Timber Floors on a Large Scale Removing carpet glues in a single pass
Power Profiler 1500
Trenching Concrete in Preparation for Concrete Culverts Quick and Clean Tile Removal More Tile Removal Demo's
RM Milling Attachments
RM450 milling 120mm deep solid asphalt Full Range of Asphalt Milling Attachments
RM150HD - Crack Chasing 60MPa Concrete at Airports RM150 - Edge Planing
Power Planer 3000
Rubber Surface Removal Trip Hazard Removal
Schibeci Cutter Drums
Schibeci Concrete & Asphalt Heavy Duty Cutter Drum - Long Video Short Video
Power Grinder 7500
827DE & 7500 Grinding back epoxy coating and polishing floor 16PE & 7500R Exposing aggregate
827DE & 7500 Removing Heavy Pooly Epoxy Coating 827DE & 7500 Exposing Aggregate in a garage
Grinding Tile Mortar Demo Grinding Glue Demo Vinyl Removal Demo
Slasher 1400HD
Heavy Duty Grass/Brush Slashing Attachment Heavy Duty Grass/Brush Slashing Attachment - Nature Strip
VM1500 - Vertical Milling Machine Power Trimmer 7000
"Keying-in" Concrete for freeway widening projects Increase the productivity and digging ability of your loader
Multiplaner 2000
Line removal on concrete surface Small milling jobs Small tile removal work

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