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Welcome to Schibeci's first newsletter for 2006. Schibeci exhibited at many trade shows between December and February, giving us a great start to the year. In this edition we spoke to David from Arrunga Surface Solutions about his Power Planer 3000. We also look back at Melbourne's olympic park resurfacing project utilizing a Polyplaner 450.
This year Schibeci will be releasing some great new products that we're very excited about. Schibeci will continue to strive to make our customers jobs easier and more productive.

We hope you have a great year,

Contractor Story: Arrunga Surface Solutions
Company Type: Flooring Contractor
Schibeci Products: 1 x Power Planer 3000
History with Schibeci: Purchased Schibeci Power Planer 3000 in September 2005
Territory: South Australia

David and I had good chat about where he and his business has come from and where it's going at the moment.
A mechanical engineer by degree, david got into the flooring industry by working for a concrete curing company, which he subsequently bought in 1998. Initially polishing timber and concrete floors, David grew the business and needed more grinding equipment.


Arrunga Surface Solutions now specializes in polishing large commercial concrete floors and has a couple of crews and trucks, covering the southern states of Australia. In September 2005 Arrunga took on it's first Schibeci Power Planer 3000.
"The Power Planer 3000 has enabled us to do jobs we haven't been able to do in the past. The Power Planer 3000 gives the same production as two big three phase grinders in a week.
Tough surfaces can be attacked without worrying about chipping diamonds.
We're the best concrete polishing company in Adelaide at the moment. We would like to grow into the best in Australia.
Basically, we're able to do more jobs, faster and more cost effectively. We don't use as many diamonds (by using carbide tools) and we are making big savings.
The Power Planer 3000 has helped us a lot and is a very handy machine. It's opened up a whole new world for us."

Arrunga Surface Solutions
David Shaughnessy
64 Second Avenue
Brompton SA 5007
Office: (08) 8346 0488
Fax: (08) 8346 9165
Cell: 0418 831 137

Stories from the vault

Melbourne's Olympic Park is resurfaced on a regular basis. The replacement material for the track is extremely expensive so it is critical to have good base levels and surface finish to reduce the amount of material being replaced.

A 2 meter (7 foot) milling machine was used to remove the old pavement, and set the base levels for the new track surface. Milling machines leave a textured surface with longitudinal ridges that are up to 5mm deep. When laying the new pavement the added cost of material to fill these voids is quite expensive.

The Milling machine removed both the old pavement and asphalt to within 5mm of the design level of the base pavement. A Polyplaner 450 was used to remove the remaining 5mm leaving a flat surface ready for laying the new track surface. This extra step with the Schibeci Polyplaner saved the customer a considerable amount of money.

The Polyplaning process took approximately 2 days with a single operator and a road sweeper.

Dealer Update

Schibeci would like to welcome Terrago Equipment Group as a new dealer of the Schibeci Cutter Drums as well as the Schibeci Construction Series in North America. We are happy to have Nolan's experience and skill onboard, and wish him and his team all the best.

Terrago Equipment Group
Phone: 510 316 3421
Fax: 815 333 3421
Contact: Nolan Tomasik

Rent A Schibeci - Update

Schibeci welcomes a new Branch of Kennards Concrete Care in Melbourne, Australia. Kennards (Clayton Branch) now has the following machines available for rent:

Polyplaner 250's
Power Planer 3000's
Power Planer 4500's
Power Profiler 2500's

Clayton, Vic
2183 Princes Hwy
Clayton, 3168
Ph: 1300 662 599
Fax: +61 3 9548 0790
Mob: 0405 728 503


Fishing Update

Schibeci fishing trips are legendry amongst the local offshore fishing fraternity in the southern parts Australia. On regular occasions one of the Schibeci team will hook a record catch. This particular day was no exception. Tony (my brother) and I may not always catch the biggest fish, but we make damn good machines. This whale was a real fighter and took hours to pull in. Lucky I had the 100 pound line! Needless to say, this monster was released to fight another day.

Any customers wishing to join one of our many fishing adventures is more than welcome to drop us a line to organize a date when they're in town next. Maybe you too can catch a fish like this.

Photo: Joseph Schibeci with his prized snapper on the weekend.

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"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."
Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826

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