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Welcome to our November Edition of 'Schibeci News'. This will be our last newsletter for 2005. Schibeci wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.

Tony Schibeci caught up with a number of people these past few months. We hope you get some practical information out of this months newsletter.

All the best,

SASE / Schibeci Success Story
SASE expressed their excitement about the opportunities that the Schibeci Polyplaner has presented for them. Since SASE has introduced the Schibeci Polyplaner Series to their product line they and their customers have enjoyed great successes with the tool.
Here are two stories from SASE customers.

Stripe-A-Zone, based in Texas, has been in the stripe removal business for over 54 years. They have used a variety of walk-behind scarifiers and antiquated ride-on grinders for their stripe removal needs. Once they obtained and began utilizing the Schibeci Polyplaner, removal production reached a previously unsurpassed height, averaging approximately three miles per hour of striping removal on a stretch of asphalt on a local interstate. Also in the past, they used hand tools for button removal, but after using the multi-functional Schibeci Polyplaner, they significantly reduced their man hours on the job.

Safety Striping Service, based out of California, has been in the line, stripe and signage removal business for over 55 years. Safety Striping Service has worked with municipal governments removing traffic lines and thermoplastic traffic signage. In the past, they have used a variety of equipment including walk-behind swing grinders (PM Erasers) and a Ranjo style drum mounted to the front of a skid steer. A disadvantage with the Ranjo style drums were the rough grind marks that were left behind. The municipal governments were adamant about leaving a smooth profile. After the job was completed, the municipalities were thrilled with the results

To contact Stripe-A-Zone or Safety Striping Services about striping removal, direct any enquiries to:
Peter Ericson from SASE company and he will put you in contact with them.
Free call 1800 522 2602

Both customers have expressed their excitement towards the Schibeci Polyplaner, complimenting the tool’s performance, production, and ease of use. Providing our customers with the tool has allowed an opportunity to develop and build upon working relationships.

SASE Company has a direct sales force that comes to your jobsite for demonstrations and application training. SASE has multiple regional sales/service centers and a national staff, plus offers same day shipping. SASE has the right people who are not only knowledgeable about the equipment that they sell; but they also understand customers’ needs and requirements.

Please direct any questions to:
SASE Company, Inc,
26423 79th Ave. South, Kent, WA 98032.
Phone: (800) 522-2606.
Fax: (877) 762-0748.
Web Site:

Zimmerman Paint Contractors

Company Type: Contractor
Schibeci Products: 2 x Polyplaner 250 line removal machines
History with Schibeci: Zimmerman Paint Contractors were the first company to buy the Polyplaner 250 in the USA .
Territory: Ohio, USA.

Tony Schibeci caught up with Jack Zimmerman from Freemont, Ohio and asked him how his machines were traveling. Jack said he was very happy with the machines and that he was using the Polyplaners for a variety of line removal applications. Jack has been a great customer of Schibeci, and has been a good ambassador for the Schibeci products. In general conversation Tony asked if Jack had had any problems with his machines?
" No, we just recently changed the cutter plate after 4 years of work."
To replace the cutter on the Polyplaner all that is required is to remove 8 bolts, drop the old one out and put the new one back in.

Jack also mentioned an obscure job that he had been asked to do. There was an antique air show being held at a newly resurfaced airport and one of the aircraft developed a fuel leak. This leak lead to the asphalt runway being damaged. Jack utilized the Polyplaner 250 to remove a hump in the asphalt which had been caused by the leak. The area affected was 15 feet by 45 feet.

Zimmerman Paint Contractors are line marking specialists and also make and install signs as well as removal of thermoplastic and other paint types.

Power Flooring Update

Schibeci Power Profiler Production Line

In the next issue we'll talk about a 300,000 square foot of PCB contaminated concrete surface that is currently being removed, at 2" deep with Schibeci Power Profilers. To find out more information in the mean time, contact:

JMG Distributing

Mark Wetherell
Office (702) 456 1423
Cell (804) 513 5174
Call: 1 (800) 488 5903 to find your local dealer

Blacktop Profiling

Company Type: Contractor
Schibeci Products: Schibeci Milling Drum and Pickup Broom
History with Schibeci: The Schibeci team has been dealing with Blacktop for more than 15 years in the contracting industry.
Territory: Victoria, Australia.

Blacktop Profiling are a milling contractor in Victoria, Australia and have a fleet of Wirtgen and CMI Milling Machines.
Tony Schibeci had a chat with Boss who looks after the crews and machines for Blacktop.
When asked if he was happy with his drum, Boss replied, “We are very pleased with the performance of the drum, it is low maintenance and the boys want to run with that machine over the others”... he also went on to say,“if you hit something with the drum all you have to do is to get under the machine and change the broken tools”.

Boss noted that after the drum had worn in he had a very fast machine that showed little wear on the drum. Blacktop have had the Schibeci Cutter Drum for two seasons without replacing blocks, and don't look like they will have to replace blocks for a few season yet.

1 Buchanan Road, Altona North, VIC 3025
P.O. Box 86, Altona North, VIC 3025
Telephone: +61 (03) 9341 0333
Fax: +61 (03) 9314 2398

Rent A Schibeci

Schibeci is happy to announce a new section of our website, "Rent A Schibeci. This page lists rental companies/houses where Schibeci products can be rented. If you are a rental company that currently owns Schibeci equipment, please contact us so we can further assist contractors in your regions.

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