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Welcome to our September Edition of 'Schibeci News'. Schibeci has had an eventful couple of months, with 3 new dealers for the Power Flooring Series popping up in the USA (Michigan, Illinois and Florida). We've also signed up with another progressive distributor in New Zealand.

We're enjoying the supportive and sometimes colorful feedback we've been receiving over the past couple of months. Keep the letters, photo's and stories coming in. (Even the ones that we can't publish.)


Customer Stories - Bitumill

This month’s customer story focuses on Bitumill, a civil works company in Melbourne, Australia. I spoke to Matt Graham who I've known for 20 years. Matt's fleet consists of 7 large Milling/Profiling Machines, Paving, Stabilizing, Road Sweeping, Truck and Bobcat fleets..

We spoke generally about the Schibeci Cutter drum and its performance versus his various other cutter drums. I was very happy with his response (I didn't even have to give him a script of appropriate answers!). Here are some of the things he had to say:

Company Type: Contractor
Schibeci Products: Pickup Broom, RM350 and Cutter Drum
History with Schibeci: Purchased 1st Schibeci Cutter Drum in August 2003.
Territory: Melbourne, Australia.

"I think the drum is a great idea. The blocks don't break off like other drums and the tool holders wear the same throughout the life of the drum. Other cutter drums wear at different rates. So the Schibeci drum maintains a healthy pattern throughout the life of the drum."

"You don't have to touch it from the day you buy it until the day it gets rebuilt (Bitumill have been running the drum consistently for over two years and still aren't looking at a rebuild). So there is no maintenance on the drum at all. Just replace the teeth."

"It's a good clean and reliable drum."

"With competitors drums, they are fine for the first year. But after that we have to start tightening blocks then eventually have to weld the blocks in place or gas cut them out. We usually have to check their drums and tighten at least 2 blocks every day. We don't have to do look at the Schibeci drum."

Matt said he would be happy to speak to anyone about Schibeci Products and service... Thanks Matt.

Contact Details:
Bitumill Pty Ltd
46-48 Capital Link Drive
Campbellfield, Victoria 3061
Office: +61 (0)3 9357 0770
Matthew Graham: +61 (0)417 058 741

Job of the Month
JMG Distributing

September's job of the month is a ripper (Australian colloquial term meaning "good"). It was sent to me from our US distributor, Mark Wetherell. He took a Power Profiler 2500 to a demonstrate tile removal on a job site and had great success. Here is the email he sent me:

I promised you this information last week so here it is. Traditional methods of ceramic tile removal include the use of chipping guns or scrapers. On some floors if the ceramic tile is not bonded well the production rates are pretty good. On floor where the tile is well bonded the production rates average around 137 square feet per hour. So the number for ceramic tile removal vary between 1.5 to 7 dollars a square foot with the average being 2.50 per square foot. On these floors a 2 inch scraper tooth is used and the machine becomes a battering ram. This process is hard on the equipment, the floor and the operator.
The average production rate on the 2500 profiler on the Quincy job was 1100 square feet per hour. The allotted time to remove the 43,000 square feet was 2 months, we finished the project in 7 days. We used a suck truck on the project that utilized a 6 inch evacuation tube. The truck had 26 inches of mercury lift and 5600 cfm. We ported the exhaust through the Schibeci to the vacuum truck. The advantages of this system were two fold there was little debris to remove each night and neither dust nor exhaust were an issue in this active Mall. The vacuum truck was handy as we generated almost 10 tons of debris per day. The waste product was the size of a 12 mesh silica sand with the largest pieces the size of a quarter.....
....The contractor bid the job at $2.15 per square foot his final cost on the job was $0.60 per square foot.
I will scan the newspaper article tonight.
We sold one machine for sure as a result of this job maybe 3 or four.
Mark Wetherell"

JMG Distributing
Office 702 456 1423

Cell 804 513 5174

Call: 1 (800) 488 5903 to find your local dealer


The Newspaper Article...

Mall floor to shine with Aussie facelift
Thursday, August 4, 2005

H-W Photo/Jennifer Coombes Contractors remove the brick floor at the west end of the Quincy Mall Wednesday night. Fischer Builders of Quincy is the general contractor, but an Australian milling machine, owned by a Las Vegas man, is being used to break up the floor into small pieces, and a West Virginia company is vacuuming the debris.
Workers expect progress to reach the Quincy Mall 3 Cinemas on the mall's east end by Sunday.
By David Adam
Herald-Whig Staff Writer

The original brick floor that was installed when the Quincy Mall opened in 1978 is being replaced, and a mall official says shoppers won't have to deal with restricted hours or dust-covered stores during the process, which is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Greg Fischer of Fischer Builders, general contractor for the project, says demolition of a floor the size of the one in the mall would typically take between two and three months. However, an Australian milling machine, similar to those used on road grading projects, will cut that time to barely two weeks.

A Schibeci power profiler, designed for bulk removal of concrete and ceramic tiles, has a rotating drum with 40 carbide bits that cuts the floor into pieces about the size of a quarter or a dime.

"We projected about nine weeks for a crew of six to do this, but we'll have this done in two — plus, no one will get hurt, and there will be no dust," Fischer said.

Work on the floor began Monday and is being done in the overnight hours when the mall is closed to shoppers, usually beginning around 9:30 p.m.

"Access to stores won't be blocked at any time," said Roger Pittman, mall manager. "Probably the worst thing (shoppers will) deal with is a bare concrete floor for a short time. It's the only way a project like this can be done."

The brick floor will be replaced by a ceramic tile that Pittman says will be much brighter and smoother, noting that workers should begin laying the new tile by the end of the month.

"It's going to be similar to what we did in the JC Penney's and Bergner's courts a few years ago," said Pittman, who declined to say what the current project costs. "It hasn't been cheap."

Fischer said he first learned about the Schibeci while searching the Internet, and he then contacted Mark Weatherell, a distributor in Las Vegas.

"There are only six of them in the United States, and they're fast becoming judged the best way to get rid of large quantities of ceramic tile or floor tile," Fischer said.

Other contractors who also put in a bid for the floor demolition job have been coming to the mall late at night to see the Schibeci at work.

"I've had this same conversation with about 10 contractors, and I've told them all to come on over and watch," Fischer said. "Quincy can be your host for an evening of education."

The crushed floor is being cleaned up by Summit Environmental Services, an asbestos abatement contractor from West Virginia. A hose about eight inches in diameter sends the debris to a vacuum truck and a neatly sealed vessel.

Fischer says Summit also has crews now working at the Pentagon and White House. Pittman says the floor removal is just part of the upkeep on a building that is nearing the end of its third decade.

"We've done a lot of roof and parking lot work, and we put in new heating and air conditioning units three years ago, but this is the most visible thing shoppers will see," he said. "Once we get done with the floor, we'll look at the walls around the fountain.

"In a place like this, just about every year, we have some kind of project going on to update. Most of them are on a lot smaller scale."

Contact News Coordinator David Adam at or +1 (217) 221-3376

Dealer Update
Schibeci is happy to welcome 3 new dealers for the Power Flooring Series in the USA. We look forward to a strong future together and welcome them to the Schibeci family.

Kut-Rite Manufacturing
27482 Northline Rd
Romulus, MI 48174

Phone: 734 955 9311

Toll Free: 877 786 5067

Fax: 734 955 9314




Substrate Technology Inc
1384 Bungalow Rd.
Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815)941-4800
Fax: (815)941-4600

Specialty Equipment Direct Corp.
517 Lyndell Lane, Suite A
Panama City Beach, Florida 32407
Toll Free: (800) 580-4839
Fax: (850) 249-1517

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