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Words from the editor...
Welcome to our July Edition of 'Schibeci News'. These past two months have been an exciting time for Schibeci. Our markets have expanded rapidly on the back of quality products and service. A little persistence helps as well.
In this edition Tony Schibeci spoke to Dave Speranza (Central Bobcat Hire Pty Ltd) and Marcus Lanyon (Geelong Concrete Grinding) about their experiences with Schibeci equipment. Tony also looks back into the archives where Road Services of Australia completed a specialized job at the MET Tram Depot in Thornbury, Australia.


Customer Stories - Central Bobcat Hire Pty Ltd
Central Bobcat Hire Pty Ltd
This month’s customer story focuses on Central bobcats hire, a civil works company in Melbourne Australia. The owner Dave Speranza is an experienced contractor who has been running plant for the last 16 years. Dave’s fleet consists of 9 skid steers, 3 truck and trailers 3 excavators and an experienced crew.

Company Type: Contractor
Schibeci Products: Three profilers: RM450, RM350, RM150HD, 1 x Polyplaner 450, 2 x Pickup Brooms and 1 x Pickup Broom on order.
History with Schibeci: Purchased 1st profiler 4 years ago.
Territory: Victoria, Australia.

What type of work do you primarily do with your Schibeci attachments?
"It’s hard to say, we do a bit of everything”.
Dave says he uses the attachments almost every day in the peak season and down to 2 to 3 days a week in the winter months. He mainly provides a full service for other contractors, “we cut and clean the job ready for asphalt”. Dave says he works for other contractors as well as government agencies. “We edge plane and patch... we work on train platforms and beside tram lines... we also do special jobs". Just recently he worked for Boral Asphalts and Vic roads on the Westgate Fwy around Kingsway, leveling some asphalt with his Polyplaner 450. Accuracy was required on this job and the polisher was chosen over the profiler. The planers are accurate to within 1 mm and are easily operated. The machine leaves an excellent finish which is very similar to the existing asphalt surface.

How many square meters do you cut a day?
Dave says that he does a lot of detailed works around manhole covers and speed humps, across streets and occasionally full streets. For example, Dave will complete edge planning a train platform in 3 to 4 hours, cut and cleaned ready for asphalt. We have seen Dave work in buildings 3 to 4 stories up. One construction job in Abbotsford required up to an inch (25mm) of concrete to be removed. The bobcat was craned in and removed approximately 2000 m2 of material over 4 days.

Is there anything else you think I should include in this article?
Like a prior article, similar comments were passed. "The machines are for specialized applications and good operators are very important", Dave commented. "Some operators get it and some don’t”.
Dave has been a good spokesman for our products and I'd like to thank him for his support over the last few years. Dave works all over Victoria and is fair , easy going and provides a professional service.

Contact Details:
Central bobcat hire pty ltd
Dave Speranza : +61 (0)418 370 183
Michael Hardwick: +61 (0)417 318 405

Job of the Month

July's Job of the month goes to Geelong contractor, Marcus Lanyon (Geelong Concrete Grinding Pty Ltd). Marcus completed a job at the Bafurn international factory (importers of fine furniture),where he removed 60 m2 of rubber glue 10mm (3/8”) thick and then diamond ground to 30 grit all using a Schibeci Power Planer 3000. The entire process took 4 hours, the customer was so happy that they have asked for another 200 square meters to be completed. In 4 hours marcus earned 20% of the value of the Schibeci attachment.

Contact Details:
Geelong Concrete Grinding
Mobile: +61 (0)418 520 992
AH: +61 (0)3 5264 1645

Jobs of interest...

Interesting projects preformed with Schibeci attachments
Many years ago a customer called the Schibeci hotline with an interesting Job.
A tram workshop facility had an old Jarrah timber paved floor that over the years had swelled and heaved upwards creating a large trip hazard.
Jarrah, for those of you who do not know is a very hard timber, similar to that of the Douglas fir. The pavers were approximately 3inches (75mm) wide by 8inches (200mm) long; they were securely fixed and had been there for over 30 years.
The pavers were throughout the facility with steps up to 2 inches (50mm).
It was decided that an RM350 profiler should be used to level the floor.
The trusty profiler became a timber milling machine for the day.
The RM left an excellent texture, it was fine and consistent and the accurate level control means that regardless of the undulating floor, the end result would be more than sufficient.
The photos to the left show the timber milled quite finely and also the restricted space within the workshop.

RM profilers are available in many different sizes and control options.
For information on which profiler suits your skid steer or application just email with these following questions answered:
• What Skid steer make and model do you own currently?
• Hydraulic Flow
• Pressure
• Lift capacity

If you don't currently own a Skid Steer, complete the following questions and we'll recommend a skid steer:
• What type of pavement will you most likely be cutting?
• Patching, keying in, asphalt, concrete, crushed rock, tile removal, mortar etc
• What type of finish do you require?
• What depth will you be cutting?
• Will you be the operator or do you have other people to operate?

Dealer Update

Schibeci is happy to welcome Sase Company in North America as a dealer of the Schibeci Construction Series of Attachments.

Sase Company, Inc
Toll Free Phone: 1 800 522 2606
Toll Free Fax: 1 877 762 0748

Branch Locations:
• Main office: 26423 79th Ave South, Kent, WA 98032
• West - Kent (Seattle) 800.522.2606
• Midwest - Elk Grove Village (Chicago) 866.593.3057
• East - Bound Brook (New Jersey) 732.627.0070

Quote of the Month
"Never confuse movement with action. "
Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961)

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