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Welcome to our May Edition of 'Schibeci News'. This year has proven to be Schibeci's busiest year to date. We've exhibited at a dozen trade shows in 2005 so far, with 4 being in Las Vegas alone. And it's not stopping there. In the next month you'll see Schibeci in Australia and New Zealand.
In this edition I spoke to Angus Kennard (Kennards Hire) and Colin Rose (City of Banyule, Works Coordinator) about their experiences with Schibeci equipment.


Customer Stories - Banyule City Council
This months first customer story focuses on Banyule City Council and their Polyplaner 250. I caught up with Colin Rose (Works Coordinator) on 13th of May to talk about Banyule's experiences with the Schibeci product line. It was a great response.

Company Type: Council/Municipality
Schibeci Products: 1 x Polyplaner 250 on the front of a mini skid steer
History with Schibeci: Purchased a Polyplaner 250 in early 2002.
Territory: City of Banyule, Victoria, Australia.

What type of work do you primarily do with the Polyplaner 250?
"Mostly step grinding and trip hazard removal on concrete footpaths (sidewalks, for our American friends).
We use it 5 days a week. It's 70% better than any other method we've used. We use it for a lot of different jobs...
The contractor laid a concrete speed hump 50mm too high at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. We're just going to go down there and take 50mm off the top of the speed hump very easily.
We're also taking grass out of the concrete. For example, at Grimshaw and Oxford streets, we're just grinding the concrete section out about an inch deep, then putting down wearing coarse layer."

How many steps/trip hazards are you able to do a day?
"We're comfortably doing about 80 to 90 steps a day. We do steps up to 20mm. Anything bigger than that we'll replace the slab.
I can't understand why people are still using the old method. With the Polyplaner 250, have no back problems, it's work safe, everything with it is perfect.
Our men break their backs just trying to bring the old machine out of the shed."

Is there anything else you think I should include in this article?
"It takes the operator a little while to get used to, but it's the best thing we've ever got.
The teeth seem to last forever.
Other councils or contractors can call me and have a chat, or come out and have a look at the machine operating.
If it was no good, I'd tell you. Councils have to move with today's technologies. We're doing all our work much easier and the guys using the machine are very happy."

Contact Details:
Colin Rose
City of Banyule

Works Coordinator
Office: +61 (0)3 9490 4222
Mobile: +61 (0)412 231 722

Customer Stories - Kennards Concrete Care
Our next story focuses on a specialist division of Kennards Hire, Kennards Concrete Care. I caught up with Angus Kennard on 11th of May to talk about Kennards Concrete Care and their experiences with the Schibeci product line.

Company Type: Specialist Division of Large Rental Company
Schibeci Products: 2 x RM150's, 1 x Polyplaner 250, 1 x Power Planer 3000
History with Schibeci: Kennards Concrete Care Purchased it's first machines from Schibeci about 18 months ago.
Territory: Currently based in Sydney, delivering products for rental Australia wide. 24 hours - 7 days.

Why has Kennards Concrete Care chosen to deal with Schibeci?
"As a part of Kennards quality selection policy, Kennards have selected Schibeci as a part of their range. Schibeci products are high production, easy to use and reliable."

Why should customers use Kennards Concrete Care?
Customers come to us for good knowledge and training. It's important to us that our customers get good service. We have reliable products that are well maintained. Reliability is one of our most important things to our customers, which is one of the main reasons for us selecting Schibeci as a key supplier to our business."

Which Kennards Concrete Care customers typically use your Schibeci products?
"Customers from councils, the flooring industry, concrete specialists, line removal and trip hazard removal companies are all typical customers. We are looking at expanding our range into Schibeci's larger attachments for the roadwork's industry."

What other products can Kennards Concrete Care supply?
"We do everything from Dust Collectors, Ride on Floor Strippers, Shot Blasters, Large Road Saws, Grinders, Scarifies and Smaller Machines for smaller jobs."

Contact Details:
Kennards Concrete Care
2/16 Herbert Street
Artarmon, NSW, 2064
Phone: +61 (02) 9906 7188

Job of the Month
April's Job of the month goes to Australian contractor, Bruce Poehlson (Ring Us Group). Bruce was able to remove 34km of thermoplastic white line from a concrete surface in 9 hours with a Polyplaner 450.

Contact Details:
Ring Us Group
Mobile: +61 (0)417 022 455

Upcoming Field Days and Trade Shows
Location Exhibitors
25th to 26th May 2005
Sydney Show grounds


Hewlett Equipment


15th to 18th June 2005
Hamilton & Mystery Creek
New Zealand

Endraulic Limited

Cutter Drum Update
*News: Schibeci Cutter Drum Wins
Better Roads Top Rollout 2004 Award

"In recognition of the risk and reward of introducing new products to highway professionals."
The award was presented to Schibeci at "Conexpo-Con/Agg" in Las Vegas 2005.
Pictured Left to right: Rick Schibeci, Joseph Schibeci, Jim Moriarty (Better Roads Magazine), Tony Schibeci

Dealer Update
Schibeci is happy to welcome Endraulic Limited (Auckland, New Zealand) into the Schibeci family as a dealer of the Schibeci Construction Series and Schibeci Flooring Series. Endraulic are New Zealand's master agent for the Mustang range of Skid Steer loaders and accessories.

Contact Details

Endraulic Limited
4/39 Lady Ruby Drive, East Tamaki
PO Box 58 343, Greenmont
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 274 5059

Quote of the Month
"Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly. "
Stephen R. Covey

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