Why the Schibeci ST 600 C is the most versatile Stabilizing and milling attachment available

Solid and Robust 1 thick frame.
Schibeci has superior level/depth control due to the direct skid design.
Able to load directly into standard dump trucks.
The ST 600C level control is independent to the angle of the skid steer therefore accurate levels can be achieved.
The St 600C has fluid ports onboard that can be used to spray stabiliser fluid/binder directly into the cutter box.
The St 600C is over engineered and is extremely robust.
There are very few spare parts required for Schibeci attachments.
Schibeci ST series machines use direct hydraulic drive and do not use gearboxes or chains or any other forms of transferring power that can add to maintenance or reliability problems.
Schibeci machines are user friendly and easy to operate.
The ST 600C has a quick change tooling system that is commonly used in the industry

Loader Requirements Hydraulics
Weight 1820kg
High Flow hydraulic Circuit 170 Lpm +
Cutting width 600mm
Auxiliary Circuit
55+ Lpm +
Max cut depth 150mm
Minimum High flow circuit relief valve setting
4200 PSI +
Number of Cutting tools 66
Maximum relief valve setting Auxiliary circuit
Left/Right independent level control
High Flow Hydraulic couplers
Hydraulic Tilt
Minimum 3/4 inch
Hydraulic End gate/Moldboard
Low flow couplers
Hydraulic Side Shift
minimum 1/2 inch
Hydraulic Conveyor Lift
Case Drain Line
Hydraulic Conveyor Slew
Hydraulic Conveyor Drive
Detachable Conveyor
Water Spray bar
Schibeci ST600C
Schibeci ST600C on a PT120

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